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Votre guide d'entretien

Your jewelry is precious and may get damaged if you do not care for it. It requires daily attention and care because its brightness can be tarnished by several different factors (pollution, abrasive products, shocks, …). Here are some tips :


With time, the silver jewel might become oxidized, that is to say darkened.This oxidization is the result of the contact of the jewel with air, humidity, chlorine, perfume or just perspiration.

To remedy that you can clean your jewel from time to time with a soft cloth and a product specialized in cleaning silver.

For jewels encrusted with Swarovski gem stones, be careful not to knock them against other objects too often to prevent the appearance of any scratch.


Time will give golden jewels a patina and take away some of their brilliancy. You should not wet the jewel, wear it while sleeping, put cosmetics on it or do housework with it.

The gilded jewel maintenance should be done with a soft cloth.

The acidity of human skin plays a significant role in the process of oxidization.

To sum up, we advise you to be careful with the jewels, especially the gilded or encrusted ones.

If, in spite of those advices, you notice a significant or premature damage of the product