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General terms of sale for products sold by

Article 1 – Objects

Terms written thereafter prevail for sales by : Christelle Andrée Paris

Mail :

Registered company at registre du commerce et des sociétés
numbered : 821 408 283 R.C.S Pontoise


Article 2 – Price

The price of our jewels are given in euro all taxes included (VAT and other taxes practicable when ordering), except if stated differently and excluding fees for processing and shipment.
If the order takes place out of mainland France you are the importer of the product. Customs VAT or other local taxes might be added. Those taxes or fees are not set or editable by Christelle Andrée Paris. It will be your due and responsibility only, either regarding the payment or the authorities concerned. Please inform yourself about possible taxes or fees.
All orders, no matter where they come from, can be paid in euro.
The Christelle Andrée Paris company may change its prices if need be, but the product will be charged according to the amount stated at the time of the order if available.
Products remain the property of the Christelle Andrée Paris company until the payment process is completed.
Caution: As soon as you physically take possession of the product, risks of loss or damaging are under your responsibility.


Article 3 – Products

Jewels are handmade and in limited series, so one can encounter unevenness due to the artisanal production and the use of delicate matters.
We try to be as exact as possible when describing our products.
The pictures illustrating our products might prove to be slightly different from reality due to lighting during shooting.
Indeed, the pictures’ background is white so the golden items might seem lighter than they really are. (For more accuracy, look at the pictures with the model.)


Article 4 – Orders

The contractual information is displayed in French and will be confirmed at the very least when the order is to be approved.
The Christelle Andrée Paris company allows itself to decline a payment or an order for any reason given, especially if there’s a supply problem or if the order is deemed too difficult to be completed.


Article 5 – Validation of the order

Any order regarding the website implies the compliance to our general terms. Every confirmed order implies your acceptance of our general terms of sale without exception.
All the data and the record of the confirmed order will be used as evidence.
You acknowledge being aware of this.
The confirmation of the order is worth a signature and an acceptance of the transactions done.
A summary of all the information regarding your order will be sent at the provided mail address.


Article 6 – Payment

The act of confirming your order implies the obligation to pay the required amount.
Payment will be carried out by debit card or PayPal.
The debit will only happen once the product is sent. If the delivery is divided, only the products that are already sent will be charged.


Article 7 – Right of Withdrawal

According to the article L.121-21 of the Code de la Consommation (French Consumer Code), you have a 14-day period to use your right of withdrawal starting from the moment you receive the product, without having any reason to give or fee to pay.
Returns are to be made with the product still in its original state and complete (wrapping, accessory). In this context, you are responsible for it. If the product suffered any damage, the withdrawal right could be endangered.
Returns are payable by you.
In case of a right of withdrawal use, the Christelle Andrée Paris company will execute the refund in a fortnight – starting from the day of your claim – with the same method of payment used for the order.
In compliance with the article L.121-21-8 of the French consumer code, the right of withdrawal will not be effective under some conditions. (See terms and conditions of exchange and repayment.)


Article 8 – Availability

Our jewels can be purchased as long as they are on display on our website and to the extent of available stocks. If a product is not stocked, a note will state if it will be available soon or if it is sold out.
If a product appears to be sold out after an order has been taken, an email will be send to the customer. The order will be automatically canceled and no bank operation will happen.
Besides, the website is not intended to sell products in large quantities.
Accordingly, the Christelle Andrée Paris company reserves the right to refuse any order of identical products.


Article 9 – Delivery

Jewels are delivered to the delivery address mentioned in the order, within the agreed period effective once the order has been confirmed.
In case of a shipment delay, an email will be sent to keep you informed of your order whereabouts and of possible modification of the delivery schedule.
Any order made via the website will be handled and sent within 24 to 72 hours following the reception of the payment (except week-end and bank holidays) excluding exceptional cases.
The delivery schedule depends on the delivery address. Any delay related to customs clearance does not commit the company’s responsibility. In the event of a delay caused by the transporter company, the Christelle Andrée Paris company cannot be held responsible for the delay. If the delay is caused by an unavailability of the client after several appointment offers, the Christelle Andrée Paris company will not responsible.
Delivery fees are free for any order above €150 for France with the standard delivery and €250 abroad.
Orders are made and packed very carefully, despite that mistakes can be made and a product might be missing or wrongfully given. If you happen to notice any mistake in your order please contact us at within a maximum of 48 hours after reception of your order.


Article 10 – Guarantee

All of our products are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity and the guarantee against latent defects, allowed by the article 1641 and following articles of the French Civil code. In the event of a non-compliant product, the customer is allowed to return, exchanged, or ask for the repayment of the product.
Any complaint, request of exchange or repayment have to happen in a period of 30 days after the delivery date via email or post.
Jewels have to be returned in their original state, complete, and exactly as you received them (wrapping included). Delivery fees will be repaid according to the rate set at the time of the order and the return fees will be refunded according to the rate set (attach a justification to your package) for non-compliant products only.
Those measures do not in any case prevent you from using your retraction right (see article 6).
If terms and conditions and the care instructions are respected, the customer has a 2-year period of time (starting on the delivery date) to ask for the fixing or the replacement of the product subject to cost requirement defined by article L211-9 of the consumer code. The customer is under no obligation to bring any proof of a manufacturing defect during the first 6 months following the delivery date. At this point you can just send us the product (at the headquarters address) with a bill as a proof of purchase. Then we will either repair or replace the product depending on its state.
Guarantee does not include jewels which received poor treatment (see the care instructions.)


Article 11 – Responsibility

Our products are in compliance with the French legislation. The Christelle Andrée Paris company cannot be hold responsible if its products are not fit for the legislation of the country where it is delivered.
It is the customer’s responsibility to check beforehand if the products are fit to be delivered in his country, according to local authorities.
Otherwise, the Christelle Andrée Paris company cannot be hold responsible for damages caused by a misuse of the product.
Finally, the Christelle Andrée Paris company cannot be held responsible for all damages or inconveniences linked to the use of internet, that is to say a possible service disruption, external intrusion or the presence of a computer virus.


Article 12 – Applicable law in the event of a dispute

The language of the agreement is French. Our Terms of sale are subject to the French Law. In the event of a dispute, the French courthouse only will be relevant.


Article 13 – Intellectual property

All the constituent of the website are and will remain under intellectual property of the Christelle Andrée Paris company.
None should copy, capitalize on, or use under any circumstance (whether fully or partially) any content of the mentioned website, including pictures, designs or sounds. Links and hypertext links are strictly prohibited without a previous agreement with the Christelle Andree Paris company.


Article 14 – Personal data

The Christelle Andrée Paris company allows itself to collect personal data. They are required at the time of the order but also afterwards to make sure that we are able to communicate.
Those data can be shared with other companies linked with your order.
They will be kept for safety reasons, to be able to respect any legal obligation.
According to the French law of January 6th 1978, you have the right to access, modify or deny any nominative information or personal data directly on the website.


Article 15 – Archiving proof

The Christelle Andrée Paris company will archive the orders and bills on a reliable and lasting support according to the article 1348 of the Code civil.
The computerized registry of the Christelle Andrée Paris company will serve as proof of communication, order, payment for both parties.